Enterprise Content Management

Managing the ever increasing volume and diversity of content created by and flowing into the enterprise is perhaps the greatest challenge facing organizations of all sizes today and into the future. At its best, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a synthesis of critical business processes and workflows efficiently performed by knowledge workers who are enabled by a suite of integrated, collaborative technology solutions to drive innovation and value. At its worst, ECM is practiced piecemeal by departments within an organization fostering siloed views of content with little or no cross-entity sharing or content lifecycle governance, leading to bloated budgets and additional, avoidable risks.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) views the ECM solutions stack as the critical platform for transforming content into useful information whether through the implementation of systems of record that support ediscovery, regulatory and compliance requirements or systems of engagement that enable collaboration, insight and enhanced decision making. With expanding market opportunities, the ECM solutions landscape continues to broaden and mature. Meanwhile additional vendors and service providers are entering the space with innovative solutions and larger, ECM infrastructure-oriented players are acquiring companies and technologies to round out their portfolios as they also make major investments in their ecosystems.

EMA's team of seasoned analysts provides line of business professionals and their IT organizations with practical advice and support to better evaluate ECM solutions to meet their unique requirements and guide them on their content management journey.


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