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  Live Webinars:

Securing the New Digital Enterprise
- David Monahan, Research Director, EMA
- Kevin Froese, VP of Global Sales, Cirius
- June 28 @ 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT

  EMA Analysts Speak:

TDWI Boston
Selecting the Right Analytics Tools for Your Organization

- John Myers, Managing Research Director, EMA
- July 19
- Boston, MA

Cisco Data and Analytics Conference
- John Myers, Managing Research Director
- Sept. 19 – 21
- Chicago, IL

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About Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Founded in 1996, EMA is a leading industry analyst firm that specializes in providing deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. EMA analysts leverage a unique combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions to help EMA's clients achieve their goals. Learn more about EMA research, analysis, and consulting services for enterprise line of business users, IT professionals and IT vendors at www.enterprisemanagement.com or blogs.enterprisemanagement.com.

  EMA Analyst's Corner

Lyndsay Wise, Research Director, Business IntelligenceThe Complexities of Effective Data Management

by Lyndsay Wise, Research Director, Business Intelligence

Effective data management requires much more than managing an organization's data. Businesses struggle with disparate data sets, data quality, and integration challenges. Managing operations and ensuring analytical access is no easy task, especially with increasing demands for big data and IoT access. Information needs to be delivered to the right people at the right time and complex systems make it difficult to do so on a regular basis because business and technical needs are constantly changing.

Learn more | Read the "The Complexities of Effective Data Management" article

  Featured Webinar

EMA blogSecuring the New Digital Enterprise:
Trackable, Controlled, and Authorized

Date / Time: Tuesday, June 28 @ 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

While document and file sharing is increasing rapidly, 97% of organizations cite file sharing as a high risk for information loss, and 75% believe their organization is currently at risk for data loss. Join us to obtain guidance on how organizations can protect themselves from document sharing and e-signature risk while maintaining a high level of collaboration and productivity.

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  Featured Blog

EMA blogMicrosoft Reverses March to Irrelevance with LinkedIn Acquisition

Over the past several years, the impact of "the cloud" on traditional ISVs has been made abundantly clear. Blindsided by the runaway growth of hosted technologies which were simply glints in the eyes of the open source community in 2000, virtually all ISVs have scrambled to stay relevant.

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  Featured Videos – RSA Video Series

EMA blogWhy Endpoint Monitoring is a Critical Part of Every Security Program

With endpoints the source of the majority of attacks that impact organizations, it is critical to capture and analyze endpoint data for valuable insights that aid fast incident detection and response. Watch to learn more.

Network Monitoring and Analysis For Early Threat Detection

Watch this video to learn why properly monitoring the network and analyzing critical data sources can provide early identification of an in-progress attack.

Achieving High-Fidelity Security

Watch this video to hear the benefits of using both network and endpoint data with a strong analytics toolset to create high-fidelity security.

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Document Name Document Type Analyst
Transforming SME Network Operations With Paessler PRTG Network Monitor EMA White Paper*

Shamus McGillicuddy

Combat the Creeping Terror of Overcrowded Network Management Toolkits with Unified Infrastructure Management EMA White Paper*

Shamus McGillicuddy

How Freshservice is Helping to Transform IT Service Management EMA White Paper*

Dennis Drogseth

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Deepens its Visibility Into Cloud and Hybrid IT With Comprehensive New Capabilities EMA White Paper*

Shamus McGillicuddy

Datawatch Enhances Information Governance and Provides Better Data Prep With Monarch 13.3 EMA Impact Brief

Lyndsay Wise

SnapLogic Extends Data Prep Automation and Big Data Analytics Support EMA Impact Brief

Lyndsay Wise

What Constitutes Effective Security Awareness Training? EMA Impact Brief

David Monahan

Citrix and Microsoft: Expanding on a Longtime Partnership EMA Impact Brief

Steve Brasen

SS8 BreachDetect Delivers Better Incident Detection and Response EMA Impact Brief

David Monahan

Slides: Making Cybersecurity Manageable with High-Fidelity Security
EMA Webinar Slides

Julie Craig

Slides: Succeeding with Operational Transformation In the Digital Age
EMA Webinar Slides

Dan Twing

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