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  Live Webinars:

Mid-Sized Organizations Business Intelligence EMA Radar™
- Lyndsay Wise, Research Director, EMA
- John Myers, Managing Research Director, EMA
- August 25 @ 8 am PDT / 11am EDT

The Impact of Data-Driven Strategy on Big Data Initiatives
- John Myers, Managing Research Director, EMA
- Shawn Rogers, Chief Research Officer, Dell
- David Sweenor, Product Marketing – Analytics, Dell
- Sept. 15 @ 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT

  EMA Analysts Speak:

Security Analytics 2015: CISO Lunch & Learn Events
- September 10 – San Francisco, CA.
- September 15 – New York, NY.
- September 16 – Reston, VA.
- David Monahan, Research Director, EMA

Fall 2015 TDWI World Conference
Data Warehouse Automation: Better, Faster, Cheaper ... You Can Have It All
- Date/Time: Monday, September 21, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Data Virtualization: Solving Complex Data Integration Challenges
- Date/Time: Tuesday, September 22, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Selecting the Right Analytics Tools for Your Organization
- Date/Time: Wednesday, September 23, 8:00 – 11:15 am

Selecting Tools for Your Hybrid Data Ecosystem
- Date/Time: Wednesday, September 23, 2:15 – 5:30 pm
- John Myers, Managing Research Director, EMA
- San Diego, CA.

2015 Teradata PARTNERS Conference
Speeding Time to Value with Big Data Applications
- John Myers, Managing Research Director, EMA
- October 18 / 11:30 am -12:15 pm PT
- Anaheim, CA.

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About Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Founded in 1996, EMA is a leading industry analyst firm that specializes in providing deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. EMA analysts leverage a unique combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions to help EMA's clients achieve their goals. Learn more about EMA research, analysis, and consulting services for enterprise line of business users, IT professionals and IT vendors at www.enterprisemanagement.com or blogs.enterprisemanagement.com.

  EMA Analyst's Corner

Lyndsay Wise, Research Director, Business Intelligence, EMAEvaluating the Mid-Market for Business Intelligence

by Lyndsay Wise, Research Director, Business Intelligence

As the Business Intelligence (BI) market space matures and diversifies, mid-sized organizations are in a strong position to take advantage of technologies and solutions that were previously outside of their reach. The advent of cloud platforms, hosted solutions, an increase in open source technology use by leveraging big data platforms, and price flexibility matched to quick deployment cycles help a wider variety of organizations take advantage of business intelligence in a way that was not always possible. Now, companies do not need to identify which solutions will meet their needs, but require a way of identifying the best-fit solution for their technology environment and business challenges.

Learn more | Read the "Evaluating the Mid-Market for Business Intelligence" article

  Featured Webinar

EMA RadarMid-Sized Organizations Business Intelligence
EMA Radar™

Date / Time: Tuesday, August 25 @ 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is releasing their 2nd annual EMA Radar Report focused on business intelligence for mid-sized organizations. Join Lyndsay Wise, research director at EMA, and John Myers, managing research director at EMA, to get the latest Business Intelligence platform research and see how nine leading vendor solutions rank.

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  Featured Infographic

EMA InfographicStopping Attacks at the Identity Perimeter

External threat actors impersonate insiders to breach the perimeter.

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  Featured Video

EMA InfographicIntegrated Service Management: Research Findings

Dennis Drogseth, vice president at EMA, talks about his latest research on Integrated Service Management.

Learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Integrated Service Management?
  • Whom did you talk to in researching Integrated Service Management?
  • What did the data show?
  • What companies stand out in supporting Integrated Service Management Initiatives?

View the video

  New Research Report

Back to the Future with the "API Economy": Management Strategies for a New Wave of Integrated ApplicationsEMA Research Report

With this survey-based research, EMA analysts set out to assess the API economy from multiple dimensions. Examining both the "consumer" and "provider" sides of the equation, the study explores the challenges of API usage in today's production environments. It summarizes the survey findings on the deployment, management, and governance-related challenges of delivering API-driven services.

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  EMA Blogs

Business Intelligence & IT Management Blogs from EMA
Thought Leaders

Latest Blogs:

Analyst Blog Recent Blog Posts
Dan TwingDan Twing's Managing Products and Clouds

Workload Automation: A Key Tool in a Fast Paced Tech Landscape

David Monahan David Monahan's Risk Recon: Navigating Security and Risk

The Limits of Packet Capture

Dennis Drogseth Dennis Drogseth's IT Megatrends: BSM, CMS, Automation

Optimizing Change Management for Cloud, Agile, and Mobile: How the Technologies Are Evolving

John MyersJohn Myers' Business Intellilgence with Altitude: Views from 5430ft

Big Data and the Data-Driven Enterprise

Steve BrasenSteve Brasen's The Systems Café

Orchestrating a Symphony of Application Automation

  New EMA Research

Subscribers: New EMA Research in August
Check out the latest research from the EMA team of IT management experts:

Document Name Document Type Analyst
Back to the Future with the "API Economy": Management Strategies for a New Wave of Integrated Applications EMA Research Report*

Julie Craig

Free: Report Summary - Back to the Future with the "API Economy": Management Strategies for a New Wave of Integrated Applications EMA Report Summary*

Julie Craig

Combining Log, Metric, and Flow-Based Analytics: A Solution for Integrated, Real-Time Network Operations EMA White Paper*

Shamus McGillicuddy

Moving to the Cloud: The Emerging Paradigm for Analytical Environment EMA White Paper*

John Myers

How SysAid Is Empowering ITSM Efficiencies in a Large Global Enterprise EMA White Paper*

Dennis Drogseth

Empowering Data-driven Organizations: Informatica Business Transformation Services EMA Impact Brief

John Myers

Creating Agility Through Data Governance and Self-service Integration with SnapLogic EMA Impact Brief

Lyndsay Wise

*Available to EMA Premium Research Subscribers

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  Upcoming Business Intelligence Event

TDWI San Diego, September 20–25, 2015

Join EMA Managing Research Director, John Myers, at TDWI San Diego for end-to-end coverage of the most important and complex topics, skills, and disciplines that are essential to succeed in today's data-driven world of business. Unlike any other conference experience, TDWI San Diego gives you the depth and breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience needed to deliver a cohesive data strategy that covers the continuum—from traditional structured data to big data, and from reporting to advanced analytics. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/1M7QCmD

As an instructor, John can extend a special 10% discount on any package you're interested in. Just register with code SD130 at: http://bit.ly/1M7QCmD

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