EMA Releases New Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

33% of enterprises surveyed say that AI and ML is the number one strategic enterprise IT investment priority in 2018

Boulder, Colo., October 2, 2018 – Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, today announced it has released a new report titled “EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML),” authored by Torsten Volk, managing research director of containers, DevOps, machine learning, and artificial intelligence at EMA.

This new guide identifies and profiles the top enterprise software products leveraging AI and ML to optimize DevOps, datacenter operations, and business. EMA selects its Top 3 products based on end user research, market analysis, technical product reviews, and expert interviews to provide enterprise customers with pragmatic guidance to optimally benefit from AI and ML. In addition to the research report, EMA launched the accompanying EMA Top 3 website for AI to deliver an ongoing stream of AI-related research content aimed to provide readers with the latest research, opinions, and product information to harness AI and ML for their business.

“EMA Top 3 products in AI and ML need to show quantifiable value that customers can achieve without replacing their entire data center, cloud infrastructure, and tooling, and without having to hire a large team of data scientists,” says Volk. “The focus of this report is to provide decision makers with a short list of products, and as importantly, with a clear understanding of the capabilities and limits of modern AI and ML technologies.”

In addition to providing its EMA Top 3 product shortlists for each enterprise software category, EMA offers readers deep example-driven insights into how AI and ML can optimize cost, efficiency, speed, and quality. EMA research has found that AI and ML is the number one strategic enterprise IT investment priority in 2018 (named by 33% of enterprises), taking the top spot from container management (28%), and clearly leaving behind DevOps pipeline automation (13%). At the same time, most enterprises are still struggling to understand the basics of how to successfully evaluate AI and ML solutions, how to put project performance metrics in place, and how to handle the eight key limitations of AI and ML technologies today. The EMA Top 3 report will provide guidance in all of these areas.

Some of the key benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning identified in the research are:

  • Free up 30% of developer time and up to 50% of IT operator time used to support infrastructure
  • Eliminate operational silos as the root cause of cost, quality, and speed bottlenecks in DevOps
  • Proactively address operational issues and minimize mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Curb alert flood and receive earlier alerts aligned with business priorities
  • Help the 72% of enterprises with ungoverned Kubernetes clusters to bring these back under corporate control
  • Operate a mostly self-driving hybrid cloud to unlock the 50% of data that cannot go into the public cloud today
  • Improve collaboration between developers, IT, and business

“Our customers are just at the beginning of their journey toward optimizing DevOps and IT with AI and ML capabilities,” says Jens Soeldner, managing partner at Soeldner Consult. “This report provides a pragmatic starting point for these customers to achieve these benefits from AI and ML.”

A detailed analysis of the research findings are available in the report “EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).”

The EMA Top 3 website with vendor showcases is available at

Torsten Volk’s blog covering enterprise AI and ML is available at Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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