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EMA Vendor to Watch: Celonis Vendor to Watch 12/13/2018 John Santaferraro A massive wave of digital transformation is leaving electronic footprints and fingerprints that enable the ongoing optimization of business processes based on facts and figures. As a result, we are seeing a wave of new vendors in the business optimiz...
EMA Vendor to Watch: HOPZERO Vendor to Watch 10/05/2018 Paula Musich In a new twist on the idea of using geo-fencing to limit access to mission critical data, new network security startup HOPZERO is using the ability to limit the number of routing hops that network packets can take to protect sensitive data. The compa...
EMA Vendor to Watch: Arrcus Vendor to Watch 08/14/2018 Shamus McGillicuddy San Jose-based startup Arrcus, Inc. emerged from stealth mode to introduce ArcOS, a robust network operating system for disaggregated, scale-out network infrastructure. Unlike many operating systems for so-called white-box networking, ArcOSTM uses op...
EMA Vendor to Watch: ShiftLeft Vendor to Watch 06/20/2018 Paula Musich Although there are literally hundreds of startups in the cyber security market, every once in a while, one comes along that manages to stand out. This is the case for a startup in the cloud application security segment that just emerged from stealth ...
EMA Vendor to Watch: Cy-oT Vendor to Watch 05/25/2018 David Monahan Attacks on and from wireless are continuing to rise. IoT has exacerbated the problem by increasing the wireless connections into networks on devices that are often installed with little or no security controls and even more often unknown to administr...
EMA Vendor to Watch: ShieldX Vendor to Watch 05/18/2018 Paula Musich ShieldX is one of a growing number of startups to use microsegmentation as a foundation to deliver more flexible security to protect east/west traffic in virtual and cloud environments. What sets it apart from its rivals is the breadth of security co...
EMA Vendor to Watch: DriveScale Vendor to Watch 01/05/2017 Jim Miller, Former EMA Analyst The ability to efficiently and effectively scale out compute and storage is a necessity in meeting the dynamic demands of digital transformations. DriveScale's vision is to deliver the agility, shared resources, and elastic consumption advantages of ...
EMA Vendor to Watch: Nirmata Vendor to Watch 10/24/2016 Dan Twing Digital transformation is driving businesses to develop and deploy applications faster, and with greater flexibility and scalability. EMA believes that microservices are the go-to architecture for cloud native applications. Nirmata provides container...
EMA Vendor to Watch: Aviatrix Vendor to Watch 10/21/2016 Shamus McGillicuddy Networking startup Aviatrix enables enterprises to build scalable and secure private networks across multiple public cloud providers. Using a software-defined networking (SDN) architecture, the company eliminates the need for IT organizations to cobb...
2016 EMA Vendors to Watch: Security & Risk Management Vendor to Watch 07/14/2016 David Monahan EMA "Vendors to Watch" are companies that deliver unique customer value by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed or provide value in innovative ways. The designation rewards vendors that dare to go off the beaten path and ha...
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