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Security Awareness Training: Are We Getting Any Better at Organizational and Internet Security? Webinar 10/06/2015 David Monahan For the second year in a row, David Monahan, security expert and research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), has delved into the world of security awareness and policy training. His latest research on this top...
Digital and IT Transformation: A Formula for Empowerment in the Digital Age Webinar 09/30/2015 Dennis Drogseth The industry buzz is that IT is facing increasing challenges from the business it serves as business leaders seek to digitally transform their way of working; IT leadership is also seeking to transform IT from within to become more business aligned.B...
Mid-Sized Organizations Business Intelligence EMA Radar™ Webinar 08/25/2015 Lyndsay Wise Over the past several years, business intelligence platforms for mid-sized organizations (under 500 headcount) have evolved. The market place has shifted to provide flexible solutions to meet the analytical needs of mid-sized organizations and ensure...
Taming the Beast: Extracting Value from Hadoop Webinar 08/20/2015 John Myers After deploying a data lake, organizations often reflect “I bet the farm on Hadoop; now what?” They have broken down the silos, mashed up structured and multi-structured data, and set up the Hadoop clusters.  However, the investmen...
Software-Defined Storage Radar Report: Deploying Enterprise Wide Webinar 08/06/2015 Jim Miller Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is a technology that seeks to reduce the burden of storage administration while increasing overall storage utilization. SDS aims to make storage application-aware, enabling server administrators, application managers,...
Back to the Future with the API Economy: Management Strategies for a New Wave of Integrated Applications Webinar 07/28/2015 Julie Craig In May of 2015, leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted survey-driven research to assess the key challenges and benefits surrounding API-delivered services. The data is now in, and the information gathered from API pr...
Big Data Impacts on Hybrid Infrastructure and Management Webinar 07/21/2015 Shamus McGillicuddy Big data techniques and technologies are increasingly finding applications across IT infrastructure planning and monitoring functions, and may hold the key to keeping pace with software-defined hybrid architectures. But which types and sources of d...
Optimizing the Network for Reliable Application Delivery Across the Cloud Webinar 07/16/2015 Tracy Corbo Research from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has evidenced strong and growing interest in cloud deployment models. While public cloud has gotten the earliest attention, stronger adoption is happening within private and...
Open Cloud Management and Orchestration 2015: Adoption and Experiences Webinar 07/09/2015 Dan Twing With the increase in cloud-based workloads, cloud orchestration is rapidly becoming the norm for large organizations, while smaller firms have near-term plans. The latest research from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associate (EMA) on ...
How DevOps is Redefining Application Delivery in the Enterprise: 5 Key Factors to Success Webinar 06/23/2015 Julie Craig Technology is rapidly becoming a strategic business differentiator as customers increase their digital interactions, taking advantage of the continual flow of new apps and services coming online. One challenge many IT teams face is timely updating an...
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