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Best Practices for Building a Network Visibility Fabric White Paper 11/12/2018 Shamus McGillicuddy This white paper provides a step-by-step guide to planning and implementing a network visibility fabric. Comprised of TAPs, bypass devices, aggregation devices, and network packet brokers, network visibility fabrics specialize in delivering right-siz...
Stream to the Cloud: Best Practices for Leveraging Streaming Data Integration to Enable a Hybrid Cloud Architecture White Paper 10/24/2018 John Myers, Former EMA Analyst When data-driven organizations strive to add real-time streaming data to their data integration initiatives, they need to move beyond traditional techniques to the world of real-time streaming integration. With an effective streaming integration faci...
AI/ML-Powered Data Management Enables Digital Transformation White Paper 10/10/2018 John Myers, Former EMA Analyst In the current era of data-driven organizations, the impact of digital transformation initiatives grows each year. Companies seek to add new data sources from leading-edge initiatives, such as IoT, real-time applications, and mobile apps, and to brin...
How to Enable IT to be a Change Agent. Adopt an Automated, Service-Centric Approach White Paper 10/09/2018 Shamus McGillicuddy The CEO or CIO of a company often drives digital transformation, which leads to investments in software-defined architectures, cloud, the Internet of Things, and other major disruptors. IT operations teams are not designed to manage disruptive techno...
EMA Research Findings: DevOps 2020 Top3 and Innovator Award Announcement White Paper 07/18/2018 Steve Hendrick This report describes recent worldwide EMA DevOps research that analyzed DevOps strategies, challenges, tool use across 20 DevOps markets, product effectiveness, and product satisfaction.  Product-level customer insights were then filtered throu...
The Future of Network Operations: Dynamic Visualization and Automation White Paper 06/29/2018 Shamus McGillicuddy Network managers often build their careers on their ability to fix problems. Whether that comes from proactive problem prevention or reactive troubleshooting, it’s all about uptime for them. However, today’s enterprise expects more from t...
Unifying IT Decision-Making for Digital War Rooms: A Deep Dive Into How to Succeed in the Age of Cloud and Agile - Report Summary for Moogsoft White Paper 06/13/2018 Dennis Drogseth This report examines the digital war room problem from multiple dimensions. These include roles and responsibilities (from operations to DevOps), emerging organizational patterns, technology priorities, toolset adoption and toolset issues, metrics an...
Adopting Effective Solutions in Endpoint Detection and Response: An Objective Comparison of Tanium Core and 1E Tachyon White Paper 06/07/2018 Steve Brasen Rapidly evolving requirements for security, compliance, and service management of enterprise endpoint devices is necessitating faster and more detailed visibility into end user computing conditions. Endpoint detection and response platforms (EDRP) ha...
How to Assemble the Ultimate Network Management Toolset White Paper 06/07/2018 Shamus McGillicuddy EMA research determined that network infrastructure teams are finally embracing next-generation technologies, like public and private clouds and software-defined networking. Regardless of where they are on the network transformation journey, network ...
Converging the Foundational Pillars of Data: Predicting the Future of Data Management White Paper 05/31/2018 John Myers, Former EMA Analyst Modern data-driven organizations are shaping the next wave of business innovation. These companies are focused on using data and information to refine and optimize existing lines of business or create new and disruptive revenue models. Traditionally,...
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