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SMB/SME Understanding Channels Research Report - End-User 08/19/2002 EMA Staff Explores the relationship that the channel has with the vendor community, including a survey of 117 executives.
Multivariate ROI: What Really Counts Research Report - End-User 03/01/2003 EMA Staff Multivariate return on investment (ROI) analysis refers to a process where decision modeling is applied to the problem of calculating and evaluating possible returns on investment generated by potential software and hardware purchases. The essential ...
Networking for Application Delivery (Second Release) Research Report - End-User 03/23/2003 EMA Staff Networking for application delivery is an area of great interest to EMA. This paper updates a study conducted in 2000 that has become a seminal work in the understanding of the dynamics associated with the management of networked applications. With t...
Re-evaluating Asset Management Research Report - End-User 04/01/2003 EMA Staff Recession. Downturn. Economic freefall. Whatever one chooses to call it, it is clear that American businesses-and many multinational businesses as well-are shrinking. In industries of all types, in companies large and small, there is a steady stream ...
Provisioning: A Developing Enterprise Need Research Report - End-User 05/01/2003 EMA Staff Provisioning is a function that has traditionally been conducted in the service provider world. There is an increasing indication that such functionality may also be required in the enterprise. This EMA survey study, designed to explore in a limited ...
Automated Management Research Report - End-User 05/01/2003 EMA Staff Automated management tools promise that they will enable an IT staff to do more with less. In this case, "more" and "less" have both quantitative and qualitative values: "doing more" means both doing current management t...
EOSS: Service Delivery for the Enterprise Research Report - End-User 05/29/2003 EMA Staff Operations Support Systems (OSS) functionality has been a mainstay of service providers for some time. OSS allows service providers to address service quality proactively rather than waiting for a failure to drive service improvement. This preemptive...
Integrated Storage Management Research Report - End-User 06/01/2003 EMA Staff Comprehensive management of storage resources is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Do more with less. That’s what we’re hearing from C-level management on down, in all parts of the business. But to do more with less, especial...
Software Distribution: An Essential Link in the Software Management Chain Research Report - End-User 09/12/2003 EMA Staff How is software distributed to users in your enterprise? For years, the only answer to that question was the storied "sneakernet"-an IT technician took a diskette in hand, walked to the desktop and installed the software on the end user's P...
Next Generation IT Organizations: An Evolutionary Approach to On-Demand Computing Research Report - End-User 09/15/2003 Dennis Drogseth “On-Demand Computing,” “Adaptive Infrastructure,” and “Utility Computing” are all terms that reflect enhanced levels of business alignment and automation from an IT perspective. In many respects they are at core in...
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