The War Room, the CMDB and the CMS: the Essentials of Networked Federation
Date: 04/20/2010 Length: 60 minutes Cost: $0.00

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Additional Speakers:

>>Branko Miskov, Director of Product Management, BlueCat Networks
>>Victor Miller, Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida

Five to ten years ago, depending on the IT organization, there was one place where everything came together – the Network War Room.  It was there that service management was first born as an operational, proactive reality.  And, it was there where the first insights into infrastructure, services and applications were initially mapped. 

But initial market solutions for Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) clearly favored service desk and data center integrations, to the degree that most network organizations sadly became second-class citizens in the service management pantheon.  In many environments, this still remains the case, with an atrophying role for what once was a heartland within IT.

However, with the expanded vision of a federated Configuration Management System (CMS), this is beginning to change. CMS federation is embracing a wider variety of technologies and a greater diversity of roles, including the Network Operations Center (NOC). BlueCat Network’s IP Address Management is one of these technologies, providing adopters of CMS and CMDB with the ability to integrate DNS, DHCP, and IP address and network information to gain centralized visibility and control over network provisioning.

Join EMA VP of Research Dennis Drogseth, BlueCat Networks Director of Product Management Branko Miskov, and Victor Miller of Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida, for this one-hour Webinar, which will explore the:

*Do’s and don’ts for effective assimilation of the NOC war room into a CMS
*Real-world examples of how phased deployments are moving to combine this “best of both worlds” into a rejuvenated war room through a networked CMS
*How this supports the move to virtualization and Cloud Services
*Benefits of integrating IPAM into your CMS

Please note: This is a sponsored Webinar and EMA shares registration information with the event sponsor.


Dennis Drogseth

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