Valerie O'Connell, Research Director, EMA

Valerie is a Research Director, covering excellence in Digital Services execution. Her practice area views ITSM (products, people, and processes) as a hub of business and service innovation. With deep roots in AIOps, asset, customer/end-user experience, and project/portfolio management, this area covers the range of powerful possibilities in the growing ITSM ecosystem. Recent research, such as “Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM” and “The Enterprise Service Management (R)evolution”grounds this practice with practical insight for near-term decision-making.

Valerie came to EMA with decades of senior-level experience in the effective marketing of technology. From strategic positioning with practical go-to-market planning and compelling messaging, Valerie works with her clients to drive business. She excels at making the value proposition of complex products clear in crowded markets and at equipping sales forces to strike with precision.

Her expertise in enterprise management dates back to her years as Managing Director of that practice at Aberdeen Group, followed by her term as Vice President of Unicenter product marketing at Computer Associates/CA. Valerie has since enjoyed many years as an independent practitioner, serving industry giants such as Microsoft and EMC, as well as innovative startups.

Whether teaming with market leaders or small companies with big ideas, Valerie's down-to-earth approach, sense of humor, and roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic make her a trusted asset to her clients. As one long-time colleague observed, "She thinks at a C-level, operates like a military tactician, and is exceptional at written and oral communication. A great mentor for the troops, as well."

Valerie joined EMA because of its people and its distinctive business model. Understanding that business objectives rarely respect technology lanes, EMA analysts are free to structure engagements that work for their clients. This pragmatic approach to client work means freely drawing on the specializations of other analysts as needed in combinations that may redefine and challenge market norms. Valerie’s EMA projects are research-based and results-driven, including:

  • Custom research on technology, markets, and buying behaviors
  • Product positioning, messaging, and go-to-market planning
  • Content development and thought leadership in written and webinar formats
  • Short-term/high-intensity engagements, such as preparation for a product launch
  • Long-term relationships of ongoing contribution acting as a trusted asset and part of the management team
  • Strong speaking ability and platform training skills, as well as confidential coaching of key contributors
  • Business development to kick-start new products and partner recruitment
  • Sales enablement

M.A. Boston College
B.A. University of Massachusetts Exchange Programs: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL and Oxford University, Oxford, England

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