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Times are changing among both enterprises and service providers as IT organizations seek out new, more efficient and business-aligned ways of working. Nothing could be more central to this transformation than the rise of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) System. CMDB Systems not only enable more effective best practices and process automation across IT, they are also emerging as “integration architectures” to help organizations reconcile and optimize multiple IT management investments into a single cohesive whole. As CMDB Systems evolve in the coming years towards more federated, constituency-driven models, they hold the power to change the face of IT, sparking new organizations and stimulating new dialogs, new insights, and even new politics.

EMA experts have been closely tracking the technological, process, and organizational impacts of CMDB deployments since 2005 and have been actively involved in supporting IT organizations with their CMDB deployments since 2006. Today, EMA continues to deliver the deepest insight into the CMDB market and the most practical advice on CMDB best practices to help both enterprise IT organizations and IT vendors make the most of this promising technology.

CMDB Systems Expert

Dennis Drogseth

Dennis Drogseth,
Vice President

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