Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure Management Research

The world of IT strategy and operations is changing fast due to the combined influence of service orientation, end user awareness, and cloud. These factors are combining to cause significant disruption to management tools, technologies, and practices across all of the traditional domains that make up enterprise IT infrastructure – compute, network, and storage. Also coming into play is the challenge of understanding the relationships between physical and virtual infrastructure elements and constructs, and the fully viable option of using external cloud services as alternatives for some or all application and workload hosting. Most challenging of all is hybrid cloud, where applications will be partly hosted in a traditional on-premises datacenter and partly hosted in external private or public cloud. Keys to success with cloud deployments will be found in the use of automation and orchestration to provision and protect these complex and fluid environments, together with integrated/converged monitoring to make sure it’s all running properly.

With such radical and continuous change, IT professionals must look to management tools and technologies to help them achieve adequate levels of efficiency and accuracy. Manual approaches to the hybrid cloud are simply unable to keep pace. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) puts you in control with research and analysis on the ever-evolving landscape of cloud and infrastructure management solutions, helping you understand how to best manage the new reality of IT. Specific research coverage areas include cloud automation and orchestration, cloud resource management, hybrid cloud monitoring, unified infrastructure monitoring, datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM), server and OS virtualization management, converged infrastructure management, software-defined datacenter, and workload and datacenter automation.

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