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Across the board, IT organizations are striving to become better aligned with the businesses they support. Business applications – supported by software code, executing services and transactions, infrastructure, people, and processes – are the links between IT and the business. From this perspective, delivering applications and business services more broadly is IT's key mission and the basis upon which the business measures its success or failure. These measurements not only include performance and service assurance values but also clear insights into business impact and relevance, user productivity and cost-versus-quality optimization.

Effective application and business service management also requires effectively managing change, including configuration interdependencies, as well as growing requirements for process automation in support of IT objectives. With the advent of cloud, Web, and Web 2.0 business ecosystems, the requirements for real-time governance, long-term planning, and clear insights into IT, service provider, partner and supplier interdependencies have accelerated from a futuristic to a very real and present day concern.

Through Application and Business Services, EMA offers a uniquely versatile foundation for both IT buyers and vendor innovators to assess application and service management-related investments, directions, and future requirements. This practice area combines strong application-centric insights into the delivery of business services across the lifecycle, with a broad set of cross-domain disciplines, including a focus on business impact, lifecycle service governance, and automation/analytics.

In this way, EMA can more effectively deliver insights into solutions and practices central to optimizing the delivery of IT business services across Development, Operations, Application Delivery/Support, Operations-aware Service Desks, and Business Service Planning, as well as for Line of Business executives and business planners.

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