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Across the board, IT organizations are striving to become better aligned with the businesses they support. Business applications—supported by software code, executing services and transactions, infrastructure, people, and processes— are the physical link between IT and the business. From this perspective, delivering applications is IT’s key mission and the basis upon which the business measures its success or failure.

However, efficient and effective application delivery is easier said than done. Today’s technology is exceedingly complex, and the applications it supports even more so. Mergers and acquisitions have resulted in a proliferation of diverse platforms, applications, and management tools. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web 2.0, tiered transactions, and application delivery platforms have made heterogeneity the rule rather than the exception. To succeed, IT must understand how to best manage all of these elements in the context of the applications they support.

To address this formidable challenge, EMA brings together multiple management disciplines into a holistic, application-focused perspective and helps IT professionals, regardless of role, improve alignment with the business while ensuring delivery of high-quality business services.

Application Management Expert

Julie Craig

Julie Craig,
Research Director

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