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IT Governance has risen out of increased scrutiny on corporate governance and IT's management of its own financial and human resources. This increase in focus is not going to change any time soon. The premise is that IT risk, personnel, projects, and financial matters should be managed as effectively as any other business discipline. Control, project and portfolio management, process, compliance, and risk-based decision-making are the central themes.

Driven by many dynamics in the market, the "governance" of IT can be characterized from many different perspectives. While regulations may well have been the first driver of the need for compliance, security issues and corporate ethics failures could easily claim that they had a leading role.

EMA manages the important and growing requirement for IT governance from both a business perspective and a risk management perspective, bringing together analyst expertise from both domains. Our analysts are actively researching the real-world implications of IT governance in today's IT shops as well as the solutions available to address this critical area.

IT Governance Experts

Chris Steffen,
Research Director

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