Endpoint and Identity Management

Enterprise success is dependent on the productivity of its workforce, and no resources are more essential to the enablement of workforce productivity then the reliability of user devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) and the high-availability of business IT services (applications, data, email, and other resources) hosted on enterprise server environments.

Increasingly mobile workforces are now demanding unprecedented access to business resources from any device, at any location at any time. The orchestration of digital workspaces enhances user productivity, unified endpoint management (UEM) simplifies administration, and identity and access management (IAM) is the key to ensuring effective user authorizations.

As new enterprise practices and technologies are introduced to fill these requirement gaps, organizations must adopt new approaches to endpoint management that will provide them with a competitive edge while still meeting security and compliance objectives. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) can help you navigate this evolving landscape of endpoint management challenges and provide guidance on the best practices for securing and empowering your workforce with end user computing technologies.

Enterprise and Identity Management Expert

Steve Brasen

Steve Brasen,
Managing Research Director

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