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Modern enterprises rely on a constantly changing and evolving set of applications and services in order to compete in the global marketplace. The network is the common thread that ties together the servers, desktops, handhelds, and data centers required to deliver these business-critical applications and services. Today’s IP network is also where all communications technologies – voice, data, and video – come together. This convergence further cements the critical role networking technologies play across all aspects of business process. Finally, the network is an instrumented ocean over which applications of all kinds can be monitored and optimized for effective service quality and service delivery.

It is essential for enterprise IT professionals to understand, embrace, and leverage the latest network management technologies, trends, and techniques for optimizing the network’s role in service delivery. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) puts you in command with research and analysis regarding how the network supports end-users, servers, and applications, and how all of these elements can and must work together gracefully, profitably, and competitively. Specific research coverage areas include network capacity planning, network availability monitoring, network performance management, network change & configuration management, network function virtualization, software-defined networking, network visibility controllers, application performance optimization, quality of experience measurement, network/application lifecycle management, and integrated UC/VoIP/Video monitoring and management.

Network Management Experts

Jim Frey

Shamus McGillicuddy,
Vice President

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