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Security remains one of the most dynamic aspects of IT. The noisy viruses and worms of the past are increasingly being overtaken by a new generation of sophisticated and silent threats. These new threats are often driven by tangible gain. Organized crime now plays a leading role, and in some cases, threats may even be sponsored by foreign governments. Compliance requirements increase demands on the effective management of these issues. All of these factors pose substantial challenges for IT and security managers alike. When the threat has the advantage, how can the enterprise make the most of limited resources to manage risk effectively?

With its unique view across the spectrum of IT management, EMA balances the detailed technical issues of security management with the business challenge of making the most of the security, risk, and compliance investments. We understand that IT risk goes beyond security threats and take a distinctive view of how security and IT management can together assure information resource confidentiality, availability, and integrity. Our analysts can help your organization understand how risk control fits into the management of IT and serves the priorities of the business, while enabling compliance and defending the enterprise against a new generation of threats.

Chris Steffen

Chris Steffen,
Research Director

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