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Stored data represents the largest mass of intellectual property for any corporation. Because of the explosive growth of this data in recent years, finding efficient storage management methods and products that deliver effective, compliant, and serviceable storage is a formidable challenge for any IT manager. Which data should they manage locally, and which should be deployed into "the cloud?" What level of protection should be applied to each tier of service, what products are most appropriate, and what is the most efficient way to achieve promised service levels? And most importantly, what are the correct steps to take to ensure that data is available whenever and wherever it is required?

EMA views enterprise storage as a component within the overall data center system, interacting with networks, servers, security, and both physical and virtualized assets. We work with enterprise IT managers and with the industry's leading vendors, providing both groups with the insight necessary to confront today's storage challenges and to plan against future requirements.

Storage Management Expert

Steve Brasen

Steve Brasen,
Managing Research Director

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