Guidelines for Ethical Practice

It is a longstanding policy of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to encourage and maintain the highest ethical standards as an independent research firm that produces objective, high-quality analysis of technology service management tools and practices. Research integrity is one of the core values of our company and our brand. We believe that ethical research practices lead to more attention to details and the development of better business practice models through credible evidence.

EMA’s integrity, research methodologies, and corporate culture guide our employees in the course of developing and disseminating our research products and services.

EMA’s success depends on the independence and objectivity of our research. We embody this by:

Objective Inquiry - Our independence allows us to ask thorough and careful questions. EMA’s research agendas, judgments, and conclusions are solely under our control. Client companies cannot purchase favorable product briefings.

Time-Tested Methodology - Our research and consulting services are conducted with the highest ethical standards and carried out with open discussion. We employ structured methodologies that enable us to identify and analyze technology trends, markets, and audiences, and ensure consistent research quality and recommendations.

Independence - EMA’s internal policies create an environment where clients and vendors cannot wield undue influence on our research topics and judgments. Vendor client consulting work comparing companies or products is client-confidential and can never be used as part of any marketing collateral or marketing campaign.

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