Brainware Brings Intelligent Data Capture

to the Cloud along with Superior ROI


In May 2012 Brainware announced the release of Brainware Distiller as a Service (DaaS), a cloud-

based version of the Distiller platform that offers template-free classification, extraction and processing

of unstructured data hosted on Microsoft Azure. The introduction of DaaS makes this compelling

solution available to a much broader range of potential clients, including: (1) organizations who might

previously have found Distiller beyond their means, (2) existing clients looking for the flexibility

to deploy a hybrid version of Distiller to accommodate remote locations and (3) BPOs and service

providers intent on making this highly scalable, multi-tenanted platform available to their customers.

Initial beta testing at customer locations indicates productivity boosts of more than 700% compared

with manual processing.


On May 14, 2012, Brainware announced the release of Brainware Distiller as a Service (DaaS). DaaS

is a cloud-based version of the Brainware Distiller platform which, unlike most intelligent capture

solutions, offers template-free classification, extraction and processing of unstructured data. In addition,

Brainware has chosen Microsoft Azure as the first cloud computing platform to host its new DaaS


In recent beta testing, SBA Communications, a leading U.S.-based owner and operator of wireless

communications towers, boosted productivity in the processing of utility invoices by more than 700%

with DaaS. Prior to implementing DaaS, SBA required up to six employees to process roughly 600

utility invoices each day into the company’s Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system. According to a

Brainware spokesperson, “The majority of these documents, when scanned, were third-generation,

poor quality images including stamps, handwriting and other obstructions inherent to the manual

processing of paper documents. Brainware DaaS provided SBA with the ability to process more than

700 such scanned invoices daily, with a single data entry clerk handling exceptions and additional field

data entry.

“We were extremely impressed by Distiller’s capabilities and the impact that Distiller had on

reducing data entry workload in Accounts Payable (AP),” said Jorge Grau, VP and CIO at SBA

Communications. “Brainware demonstrated an unprecedented ability to locate and validate invoice

data based on the content of the document. The fact that we don’t need to set up or manage software

and IT infrastructure and can use the product as a service made it extremely attractive to us. This

technology allows us to re-purpose most of our end users away from the data entry process and towards

other areas within the organization.

Automating with Distiller offers remarkable efficiency in terms of processing document-based data, in

this case enabling one data processing clerk to do the same amount of work that would have previously

required seven or more to complete,” said Carl E. Mergele, Executive Vice President and General

Manager at Brainware. In bringing Distiller technology to the cloud, we chose to work with Microsoft

due to their reputation for product reliability, considerable experience in product development and

meeting the needs of enterprise IT, exhaustive partner ecosystem and available resources for optimizing

our products’ functionality for users.


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