EMA Releases New Decision Guide for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services

New decision guide provides actionable advice on the best practices and solutions organizations should adopt to empower end-user productivity while minimizing risk profiles when enabling secure access to business IT resources

Boulder, Colo., July 7, 2020 - Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, today announced it has released a new report titled “EMA Top 3 Report: Ten Priorities for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services,” authored by Steve Brasen, research director of endpoint and identity management.

Leveraging survey-based research, EMA has identified the ten leading priorities businesses are considering when adopting secure access solutions in 2020. More than 100 vendor products were evaluated, and for each of the identified business priorities, the top three solution providers were determined and awarded with recognition in the report.

Enterprise productivity, profitability, and success in meeting business objectives are dependent on the ability of workforces to access and utilize the applications, data, email, and other IT services necessary to complete job tasks. However, pressures to give an increasingly mobile workforce access to IT services distributed across a variety of public and private hosting environments have significantly challenged organizations.

Security and access are often considered to be diametrically opposed forces—the more one is enabled, the more limited the other becomes. However, IT operations and security managers are now constantly pressured to provide both simultaneously. Users require immediate and low-friction access in order to complete the essential job tasks that drive business performance, profitability, and operational goals. At the same time, security requirements have never been more paramount. Failure to prevent security breaches can result in identity fraud, a loss of customers and profitability, and an inability to meet regulatory commitments, as well as fines, lawsuit payments, and other compensation to affected customers.

Satisfying both security and access requirements simultaneously requires the adoption of innovative solutions that provide user-focused secure access to distributed IT services. This guide provides insights into the crucial technologies that were introduced to address both sides of the equation, as well as 30 solutions that address and help solve these challenges. The top 10 business priorities for enabling secure access to IT resources in 2020 are:

  • Identifying the Level of Data Sensitivity
  • Facilitating Secure Data Sharing
  • Group and User Policy Management
  • Perform Access Auditing and Reporting
  • Risk-Based Access Controls
  • Achieving Access Requirements for Regulatory Compliance
  • Supporting Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Supporting Secure Access to Web Services
  • Vaulting Passwords/Credentials
  • Enabling Secure Remote Access Across Hybrid Business Networks

“Organizations typically adopt management solutions to resolve particular challenges, rather than to dramatically reinvent administration practices,” noted Brasen. “EMA Top 3 reports allow IT managers to rapidly determine the monitoring and automation capabilities they require to meet their most pressing challenges and provides them with a short list of the leading providers they should be speaking with to resolve those issues. Secure access is a particularly challenging topic for businesses because it encompasses a wide array of requirements and technologies. Our expectation is that this report will simplify decision-making processes on which solutions to adopt and how they should be implemented.”

A detailed analysis of EMA’s research findings is available in the “EMA Top 3 Report: Ten Priorities for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services” report.

About the EMA Top 3 Report
EMA Top 3 reports identify the leading priorities organizations face with resolving challenges and meeting enterprise requirements, IT management focus areas in particular. The intent of these reports is to inform and inspire influencers and decision-makers in their project planning and vendor selection process.  

About EMA
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