EMA™ Advisory Services

Our team of seasoned analysts and consultants understands the real-world issues you face and how others in your industry have successfully dealt with them. With EMA Advisory Services, world-class IT and data management expertise tailored for your unique situation is only a phone call away!

This flexible offering gives you convenient and direct access to our senior-level team so you can tap into their expertise as needed. Rely on their advice to help keep you on track throughout the lifecycle of your key projects. Take advantage of ad hoc conversations or prepared IT and data management briefings to translate our research findings into the context of your business and interpret which trends, technologies, and best practices make sense for your organization.

Ways to Use EMA Advisory Services

  • Clarify points in an EMA research report
  • Obtain an opinion on a specific vendor solution
  • Tie specific research study findings to your business
  • Get high-level advice on a new IT and data management initiative
  • Acquire targeted feedback on a business case for a key project
  • Hear about best practices in a specific technology area
  • Review the market landscape for a given technology
  • Understand new technologies and emerging trends
  • Explore a real-world case study
  • Get introduced to peers facing similar challenges
  • Host a high-level technology overview Webcast to educate key stakeholders
  • Prepare to communicate the value proposition for a technology to management
  • Quickly get your staff up-to-speed on a new technology
  • And more …

  • We can also custom-tailor an expanded EMA Advisory Services engagement to help you address broader issues such as:

  • Identifying which initiative to tackle first to advance your IT maturity
  • Building and backing a business case to help get your project funded
  • Providing mentoring and guidance to keep you on track during implementation
  • Conducting an independent health-check once your initiative is deployed

Contact us to find out how EMA Advisory Services can help you make the right decisions and keep your key initiatives on track.

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