Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Consulting from EMA

The CMDB provides a common trusted source for all IT data used by the business and promises to improve IT operational efficiency and increase alignment between the business and IT while reducing costs. The CMDB’s combination of content and context empowers IT staff, management, and the business to make better and more informed decisions.

While the CMDB holds significant promise for transforming the way IT does business, the truth is that the majority of CMDB implementations are larger cultural, political, and technical undertakings than most organizations realize. Enterprise IT professionals tasked with implementing a real-world CMDB face a host of challenges such as winning and maintaining executive management support, dealing with provocative issues like ownership or "turf," and tackling technical issues like auto discovery and integration. EMA has helped leading IT organizations avoid these potential pitfalls and reap the benefits of the CMDB. Let us help your company lay out an actionable roadmap for CMDB success!

Why Work with EMA on Your CMDB Project?

  • Real-World Experience

    We've gone through the process with other organizations and researched best practices from hundreds of real-world CMDB implementations in IT shops worldwide.
  • Vendor Neutral

    We don't sell or implement technologies, so we're not motivated to force-fit a particular vendor's CMDB product into your solution.
  • Objective and Credible

    We're removed from internal politics and bring the credibility of real-world research and expertise to help gain the buy-in of key stakeholders.
  • Proven Methodology

    Our patent-pending, standards-friendly approach takes into account people, processes, and tools and has been field-proven in IT shops around the globe.

CMDB Consulting Services

EMA offers a full range of CMDB Consulting Services to help organizations at every stage of the CMDB project lifecycle. During our 8-week CMDB Assessment Service engagement, our CMDB experts work with your team to: (1) assess your readiness to tackle a CMDB; (2) develop specific process, organization, and technology architecture recommendations; and (3) create a project roadmap that lays out short-term wins in the context of a long-term vision.

Armed with your roadmap, the next step to CMDB success is documenting and validating the detailed requirements for tools, processes, and people. During this stage, EMA experts can work side-by-side with your team with our CMDB Solution Design Service or conduct an onsite CMDB Requirements Workshop to familiarize your team with our proven methodology for documenting detailed requirements for your CMDB project. We can also provide advice on an ad hoc basis to help keep your project on track through our EMA Advisory Services.

Find out which EMA Service is right for you or contact us to learn how we can help your organization succeed with your CMDB initiative.

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