EMA™ Service Catalog Assessment Service

Enterprise Management Associates’ Service Catalog Assessment Service leverages our unique combination of industry knowledge, product knowledge, and proven consulting methodology to offer a practical approach to building and deploying an IT Service Catalog. During this 8-week engagement, our experts work with your team to help you plan for an actionable Service Catalog that meets the needs of IT users, IT staff, and senior IT and business management.

An 8-Step Methodology for Success

Our Service Catalog Assessment Service leverages a patent-pending 8-step consulting methodology that has been proven successful at a variety of large companies with diverse and challenging IT infrastructures. The focus of the methodology is three-fold – tools, processes, and people are all critical to success. Each step builds on the efforts of previous steps, and the outcome of the assessment is an implementation roadmap that lays out short-term wins in the context of a long-term vision.

The EMA 8-Step Consulting Methodology for Assessment Services

Key Service Catalog Assessment Service Tasks

Key project tasks during a Service Catalog Assessment Service engagement include:

  • Interviewing executives and senior IT leaders to understand strategic issues such as key stakeholders, available resources, and expected value
  • Interviewing IT managers and staff to get a handle on technology, process, and organizational issues such as the effectiveness of existing IT processes and the interaction between technology silos
  • Comparing your organization’s IT management maturity to that of other companies, identifying gaps in your current environment, and setting realistic project expectations and timelines
  • Defining detailed Service Catalog project requirements and an overall Service Catalog design
  • Delivering a short-list with side-by-side comparisons of Service Catalog solutions that best meet your needs for cost, standards-compliance, integration, etc.
  • Providing a neutral third-party assessment of critical issues and gating factors that may cause your Service Catalog implementation to fail
  • Developing six-month, one-year, and three-year project roadmaps to guide you on the road to building an actionable Service Catalog

The Service Catalog Assessment Report

The final deliverable from this engagement is the EMA Service Catalog Assessment Report. This document details:

  • Requirements gathered from across the organization
  • Overall Service Catalog design
  • Vendor-independent tool selection
  • Critical issues identified before work begins
  • Roadmaps for short-term deliverables and long-term goals

Contact us to request a sample Service Catalog Assessment Report or to learn more about how we can help your organization succeed with your Service Catalog initiative.

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