EMA™ Research Subscriptions for IT Professionals

  • What are the biggest challenges involved in implementing a new technology?
  • How are successful initiatives overcoming obstacles?
  • What best practices would others who have "been there and done that" recommend?

Enterprise Management Associates conducts detailed market surveys, interviews practitioners, and consults with enterprise IT organizations on strategic projects to answer these questions and more. We neither sell nor implement any technologies – our only goal is to provide you with the vendor-neutral research and advice you need to make better informed decisions and succeed with your key IT management initiatives.

Why subscribe to the EMA IT Management Research Library?

  • In-Depth – Go "beyond the surface" with deep insight into key IT management technologies
  • Informative – Stay current on the latest IT management trends and technologies and learn where they make sense for your business
  • Objective – Access unbiased information and advice on technologies and vendor solutions from a respected 3rd-party source you can trust
  • Affordable – A cost-effective complement to your existing research provider and an invaluable 2nd (or 3rd) opinion on important IT management decisions

Tap into the wealth of in-depth information and actionable advice in our extensive IT Management Research Library when you become an EMA subscriber! Topics covered span the IT management spectrum, from Network Management, Systems Management, Application Management, Storage Management, and Security & Risk Management to Service Management, ITIL Processes, CMDB Systems, and IT Governance.

Contact us to learn more about our research subscriptions for IT professionals!

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