EMAô IT Consulting Services Compared

At Enterprise Management Associates, we deliver a broad range of services to help get (and keep) your business-critical IT initiatives on track. Find out which EMA service is right for your project:

LOOKING TO ADVANCE THE MATURITY OF YOUR ORGANIZATION BUT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START? Team up with our experts on an expanded EMA Advisory Services project or bring us onsite for a one-day EMA Workshop. We can help you take stock of your current infrastructure and processes, choose a best-practices framework, and understand where to begin the process of improvement.
HAVING TROUBLE GETTING YOUR TEAM ON THE SAME PAGE OR WANT TO QUICKLY GET THEM UP-TO-SPEED ON A NEW IT DISCIPLINE? One of our experts can lead an onsite EMA Workshop to help your team tackle common challenges or explore a new technology through a combination of interactive lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises.
NEED TO GET ITIL V3 CERTIFIED OR INTRODUCE YOUR EXECUTIVE TEAM TO THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ITSM? Enterprise Management Associates partners with itSM Solutions – an accredited courseware and training provider (ACP/ATP) – to deliver a variety of affordable onsite and online ITIL and ITSM training courses for IT professionals.
NEED TO BUILD A BUSINESS CASE TO HELP GET YOUR INITIATIVE FUNDED? With a custom EMA Advisory Services project, we can help you bridge the gap between the technical and business cultures and deliver the third-party validation and credibility to help get your project approved and funded. Our experts leverage their real-world experience and the firmís extensive primary research into IT and data management best practices to help you craft a business case and communicate it to key stakeholders.
LOOKING FOR HELP DESIGNING A COMPLETE ARCHITECTURE AND PROJECT ROADMAP? Available for CMDB and Service Catalog, the 8-week EMA Assessment Service helps you design a complete architecture inclusive of people, processes, and technology and delivers a project roadmap crafted to provide short-term wins to the organization while working toward the end vision.
WANT TO BUILD AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN BASED ON INDUSTRY BEST PRACTICES? Available for CMDB projects, the 6+-month EMA Solution Design Service provides the detailed requirements, process definitions, and pilot use cases you need to ensure a successful implementation.
REQUIRE EXPERT ADVICE TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK THROUGHOUT YOUR PROJECT? EMA Advisory Services give you ad hoc access to mentoring and guidance as required at any stage in your journey. With this service, you can tap into our expertise and real-world experience as needed during implementation to assist with mid-course corrections, review product selections, advise on hiring decisions, help educate key stakeholders, and more.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you succeed with your key IT and data management initiatives.

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