Why Work with EMA?

Enterprise Management Associates brings a unique perspective to today’s IT and data management technologies and challenges. To help you achieve your goals, the EMA team leverages a combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions.

EMA Brings a Unique Perspective on IT and Data Management

Each EMA analyst and consultant has extensive hands-on practitioner experience, so their guidance is based in the real-world – not in theory. These practical skills combine with deep visibility into industry best practices garnered through our work helping some of the world’s top companies advance the maturity of their IT organizations and our original research into how hundreds of leading IT organizations are addressing key IT and data management challenges.

While EMA is vendor-neutral, we are also vendor-aware. Our analysts regularly brief with leading IT and data management vendors, so we are intimately familiar with the pros and cons of available solutions. Our consultants can tap into this base of knowledge to help you identify a short-list of tools that best map to your business needs.

Contact us to learn more about our unique perspective and how we can use it to help you succeed with your key IT and data management initiatives!

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