EMA™ Workshop: How to Define Detailed Requirements for Your CMDB Project

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Format: Interactive lectures and hands-on exercises
  • Prerequisites: Appropriate for all levels of technical ability; some familiarity with the CMDB desired

CMDB Requirements Workshop Description

EMA predicts that over 50% of all current CMDB implementations will fail because of inadequate planning around detailed requirements. If you don’t know what your CMDB is going to provide, how will you know when you get there?

This workshop provides attendees with both an understanding of the big picture for their CMDB project and practical advice on how to effectively define the CMDB at the ground level. Attendees will learn the context for good detailed requirements and participate in practical lessons in gathering and writing requirements for their CMDB project. EMA will also share lessons learned during our work on CMDB projects at some of the world’s largest companies, providing attendees with pragmatic, real-world best practice advice.

After completing this one-day crash course, attendees will be armed with the knowledge to articulate the context of the CMDB at both an executive and a technical level. In addition, they will walk away with the skills and tools to gather and create detailed requirements that will help their company avoid becoming another CMDB failure statistic.

CMDB Requirements Workshop Outline

  1. CMDB in Context
    1. Overview of the CMDB
    2. Scope of CMDB Projects
    3. An ITIL View of the CMDB
    4. Top 10 Reasons CMDB Projects Fail
  2. Writing Detailed Requirements
    1. What is a Good Detailed Requirement?
    2. Detailed Requirements in Overall Project Context
  3. Detailed Requirements Components
    1. Description, Sourcing, and Priority
    2. Categorization
    3. Success Metrics and ROI
    4. Configuration Items, Relationships, Systems of Record, Reconciliation, Synchronization, Federation
  4. Hands-On Exercise 1: Writing a Good Detailed Requirement
  5. Gathering Detailed Requirements
    1. How Many Should You Have?
    2. Categorizing Your Detailed Requirements
    3. Effective Interviewing
    4. Developing a Questionnaire
  6. What To Do With Your Detailed Requirements
    1. Leveraging the Knowledge
    2. Getting Technical Staff Buy-in
    3. Executive Management Support
    4. Setting Staffing and Budget
    5. Addressing Cultural and Process Issues
    6. Managing Expectations and Resistance to Change
    7. Setting the 6-Month Roadmaps – The EMA Approach
    8. Detailed Requirements as a Living Document
    9. Implementation Cookbook Concepts
  7. Hands-On Exercise 2: Mock Detailed Requirements Interview

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