EMA™ Workshop: Developing an Effective Change Management Strategy

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Format: Interactive lectures and hands-on exercises
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone who is or will be a member of the Change Management Board; Decision makers from key technology silos (network, storage, security, systems, desktop, application management, service desk, etc.); Supervisors from applications development and QA testing teams

Change Management Workshop Description

EMA has determined that, on average, greater than 60% of all outages in an IT infrastructure are caused by inappropriate changes. New deployments, patch installations, application upgrades, and manual configuration changes all contribute to the regular cacophony of potential business-impacting problems. Establishing control over change events is a growing challenge for many dynamic enterprise IT operations. Fortunately, best practices have been developed to empower IT managers to proactively reduce deployment problems, increase IT efficiency, and improve ITís ability to support the business.

This workshop provides practical, actionable advice on how to effectively kick-off or accelerate your organizationís Change Management strategy. Attendees will learn about best practices around Change, Configuration, and Release Management and explore the specifics of a variety of real-world case studies. EMA will also lead a group discussion to assess your environment, explore how your current processes map to these best practices, and identify gaps. Finally, we will walk you through our recommendations, identify areas for further investigation, and highlight the most effective next steps for your Change Management strategy.

Change Management Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Roles and Goals
    2. Expectation Setting
  2. Change Management Overview
    1. Review the Costs of Uncontrolled Change
    2. Dealing with Todayís Complex IT Implementations
    3. The Value of Controlling Change
    4. Defining Change and Configuration Management
    5. 10 Key Elements to a Successful Change Management Implementation
  3. Utilizing ITIL to Establish a Change Strategy
    1. The Role of Best Practices
    2. Introduction to ITIL
      1. Service Transition
      2. Service Asset Configuration Management
      3. Release & Deployment
  4. Change Management Assessment
    1. Review Current Processes in Your Organization
    2. Identify Gaps
    3. Prioritize Areas for Improvement
  5. Overlay ITIL Framework
    1. Compare ITIL Process Flow with Current Practices
    2. Identify Any Missing Steps
    3. Develop a New Change Management Strategy Based on ITIL Recommendations
  6. Recommendations for Your Organization
    1. Identify Areas for Further Investigation
    2. Discuss Steps for Transitioning to a More Successful Change Management Strategy

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