EMA™ Workshop: Developing a World-Class Release Management Organization

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Format: Interactive lectures and hands-on exercises
  • Who Should Attend: Appropriate for all levels of technical ability; some familiarity with ITIL desired

Release Management Workshop Description

Enterprise Management Associates’ statistics demonstrate that 75% of incidents are the result of changes in software and the environment. Lack of a documented Release Management System is one of the primary causes. Without a solid Release Management System, you put your entire infrastructure at risk. Your production environment is the lifeline of your company and protection of that environment is your responsibility. Can you afford to risk the live environment, the company’s ability to operate, and the IT department’s reputation?

This workshop gets you off to a running start in setting up a world-class Release Management function in your IT department. Attendees will work through developing requirements, scope, and objectives for Release Management, hear how Release Management has been implemented in other Fortune 500 companies, and walk away with an understanding of proven Release Management best practices.

Release Management Workshop Outline

  1. Release Management Overview
    1. ITIL View of Release Management
    2. Realistic Benefits of Release Management
    3. Discussion of Terms and Scope of Release Management
    4. Roles and Responsibilities
    5. Identifying the Key Players and Stakeholders
  2. Requirements, Processes, Critical Success Factors, and Key Activities
    1. Developing Requirements for your Release Management Activity
    2. Identifying your Processes
    3. Developing Key Process Performance Indicators
    4. Mapping to Critical Success Factors
  3. Hands-on Exercise 1: Release Management Process Self-Assessment
    1. EMA Release Management Maturity Model
  4. Tools Review
    1. Overview of Product Offerings and Current Market Landscape
    2. ITSM Integration
  5. The First Step: Understanding Your Detailed Requirements
    1. Pre-Requisites
      1. Getting Technical Staff Buy-in
      2. Executive Management Support
      3. Setting Staffing and Budget
      4. Addressing Cultural and Process Issues
      5. Managing Expectations and Resistance to Change
    2. Setting the 6-Month Roadmaps – The EMA Approach
    3. Detailed Requirements as a Living Document
    4. Implementation Cookbook Concepts
  6. Hands-on Exercise 2: Writing Requirements, KPIs, and CSFs
  7. Hands-On Exercise 3: Putting it All Together with Case Studies

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