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Network as a Service: Understanding the Cloud Consumption Model in Networking Research Report - End-User 07/09/2024 Shamus McGillicuddy Network as a service (NaaS) is a loosely defined term that describes networking solutions delivered via a cloud-like service model, through which enterprises can shift networking from CapEx to OpEx spending and outsource aspects of network operations...
Network as a Service: Understanding the Cloud Consumption Model in Networking: Summary Research Report - End-User 07/09/2024 Shamus McGillicuddy This is the research summary for EMA's recent report, "Network as a Service: Understanding the Cloud Consumption Model in Networking." 
ServiceOps 2024: automation and (gen)AI-powered IT service and operations Research Report - End-User 06/11/2024 Valerie O'Connell ServiceOps’ has quickly moved from grassroots to mainstream because it is practical and delivers high-value results. It advances top IT priorities and makes sense to the people who do the work. Running on technology tracks already laid down, it...
Email Security – Why is the Human Element Failing? Research Report - End-User 06/11/2024 Ken Buckler When email over the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) was first introduced in 2001, it was never meant to be a secure protocol. “Real mail security lies only in end-to-end methods involving the message bodies, such as those which use digital...
Data in Motion: Orchestrating File Transfers and Data Pipelines in the Cloud Era Research Report - End-User 06/05/2024 Dan Twing This report offers a detailed analysis of the current trends, challenges, and advancements in enterprise data movement, with a particular focus on the integration of multi-cloud environments and the ongoing impact of digital transformation. The study...
Network Management Megatrends 2024: Skills Gaps, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, SASE, and AI-Driven Operations Research Report - End-User 05/07/2024 Shamus McGillicuddy Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) Network Management Megatrends research has been the industry benchmark of enterprise network operations tools and practices since it was first published in 2008. This biennial research surveys hundreds of...
The Evolution of Work: Enhancing Productivity and Collaboration through Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Research Report - End-User 04/29/2024 Dan Twing This new Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, sponsored by Broadcom and Martello, presents a comprehensive examination of enterprise digital experience (DEX) and its impact on organizational dynamics, productivity, and collaboration. This...
Cyber Threat Intelligence – Transforming Data Into Relevant Intelligence Research Report - End-User 04/17/2024 Chris Steffen Many organizations have leveraged cyber threat intelligence (CTI), a powerful tool, for over two decades. Until recent years, threat intelligence was extremely expensive and only the largest organizations with budgets that allowed for such investment...
Securing Tomorrow: The Role of AI in Transforming Cybersecurity Research Report - End-User 04/04/2024 Ken Buckler The roots of human/machine collaboration trace back to the 18th century with the advent of the “Mechanical Turk.” This ingenious automaton, constructed by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1770, captured the imagination of audiences by simulating ...
EMA Radar™ Report. AIOps: A Guide to Investing in Innovation: Aisera Research Report - End-User 04/04/2024 Dennis Drogseth This is the EMA Radar Report for AIOps: A Guide to Investing in Innovation summary featuring Aisera....
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