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Six Principles of Modern, Multi-Modal Change Data Capture White Paper 06/11/2020 John Santaferraro Older data ingestion technology originally built for on-premises batch processing cannot keep up with the speed, agility, and reliability required for modern, real-time applications. Additionally, the move to SaaS applications and the cloud requires ...
The Four Principles of Analytic Process Automation: A Business Leaderís Manifesto for Value Creation White Paper 06/02/2020 John Santaferraro In the post-COVID business environment, digital capabilities will define the future. Global lockdowns and stay-at-home orders put every organization to the test. Many leaders tired of the term “digital transformation” and claimed it was o...
Todayís Data Centers Need Visibility That Only a Network Packet Broker Can Provide White Paper 06/02/2020 Shamus McGillicuddy Network packet brokers are essential to network visibility in today’s data center. EMA research has found a strong correlation between packet broker adoption and network operations success. This white paper draws on cutting-edge industry resear...
Tomorrow-Ready ITSM White Paper 05/22/2020 Valerie O'Connell Overnight, ITSM organizations aimed existing platforms, people, and processes at the moving target of unprecedented and unpredictable change. Their aim has been surprisingly good. Although there have been some public glitches, the move from fire dril...
A Network Source of Truth Promotes Trust in Network Automation White Paper 05/20/2020 Shamus McGillicuddy Many network engineers distrust network automation. One reason for this distrust is a lack of insight into network intent and network state. An authoritative source of truth about the network, with intent and state data, can reverse this lack of trus...
From Good to Great: How Expanded Capabilities in Modern Automation Tools Keep Operations Strong White Paper 05/18/2020 Dan Twing Automation is critical to modern information technology (IT) operations. Workload automation (WLA) software is essential to daily processing of core business activities. However, organizations often keep the use of these tools confined to specific us...
Creating Business Value with Modernization: Strategies for Gleaning Insight from Data Chaos White Paper 05/06/2020 John Santaferraro Act quickly, change course, bounce back. The need for business speed, agility, and resiliency is suddenly paramount for everyone in today’s uncertain financial climate. Digital transformation was supposed to deliver these capabilities, but earl...
Beyond Passwords: Advancing Identity Management with Device Authentication White Paper 04/28/2020 Steve Brasen Since the early days of computing, the use of passwords has been relied on as the primary method for authenticating users. Even today, 80% of businesses continue to trust passwords as a principle component of their enterprise security strategy. Broad...
Selecting a Threat and Vulnerability Management Solution White Paper 03/13/2020 Chris Steffen Risk is managed through the evaluation and reduction of its primary components, threats, and vulnerabilities. Probabilities of likelihood and occurrence are applied, along with understanding both hard and soft values of assets and the costs of preven...
AIOps-Driven Network Performance Management: The First Step Toward Self-Healing Networks White Paper 03/11/2020 Shamus McGillicuddy AIOps technology offers enterprises realistic hope that they can achieve self-healing networks. When applied to network performance management and network automation tools, this analytics technology can streamline network operations and drive automat...
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