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Slides: Navigating the Application Dependency Mapping Maze: Finding the Right Solution & Making it Work for You Slides 06/06/2013 Dennis Drogseth The IT environment is going through dramatic changes. Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) solutions are evolving in a number of critical ways to support a wider variety of use cases than ever before. But how do you decide which ADDM s...
Slides: Closing IT Security Gaps for Effective Defense against Cyber Attacks Slides 05/02/2013 Scott Crawford, Former EMA Analyst Attackers have defenders on their heels and it’s because they are effectively exploiting security gaps – and this isn’t only limited to advanced attacks. Even when common threat techniques are used, traditional defenses still miss t...
Slides: Best Practices & Priorities for Network Management: Maximizing Network Uptime with Real-time Network Monitoring Slides 04/30/2013 Jim Frey, Former EMA Analyst Your IT infrastructure is critical to your organization's success. As your network complexity increases, so does your risk! One of the ways to mitigate risk is to implement a network monitoring system that can proactively identify, locate, and enable...
Slides: Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Radar Report Webinar Slides 01/15/2013 Steve Brasen Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) provides visibility into IT environments to quickly and easily inform both facilities management and IT operations about the status of data center assets, how they interact with each other, how each is aff...
Slides: The Roll of Collaboration in Business Intelligence Slides 01/08/2013 Shawn Rogers, Former EMA Analyst Collaboration is the main technology that information workers use to discover, access and share corporate and external information for business decision making. The growing use of social computing and mobile technologies add even more power to collab...
Slides: Application Control and Whitelisting: Realistic Security, Realistically Deployed Slides 11/13/2012 Scott Crawford, Former EMA Analyst These slides discuss how today’s Application Control and Whitelisting solutions gives organizations more than a strong answer to today’s more demanding threats.  Today’s technologies make effective security more transparent and...
Slides: How Agile APM provides a Formula for Success Slides 10/03/2012 Julie Craig, Former EMA Analyst These sides - based on the Webinar - cover:How to identify the characteristics of a “Static Operations” organization and determine whether your organization fits this descriptionThe characteristics and benefits of “Agile Operations&...
Slides: Enterprise Network Management Systems Radar Report Webinar Slides 09/25/2012 Jim Frey, Former EMA Analyst The term “network management” encompasses a broad range of solutions from single point products to element management to large enterprise-class solutions. For the purpose of this report, the term Enterprise Network Management Systems (ENM...
Slides: It's the Data: A New Approach to IT Service Excellence Slides 09/12/2012 Dennis Drogseth As a result, data quality in CMDB and asset systems is of high concern for IT operations of any size. Clear data management and reconciliation approaches are required and, often, complex business rules must be developed to correctly align IT data fro...
Slides: A Fresh Approach to Cloud Application Optimization Slides 07/25/2012 Julie Craig, Former EMA Analyst Load testing and web performance monitoring are meat-and-potatoes technologies you've been using for years. You take them for granted because you haven't seen significant innovation in a decade or more.  But what if there was technology that cha...
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