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Report Summary - EMA Radar for CMDB/CMS Use Cases: From Database to Federation Q1 2012
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Full Report Abstract
This EMA Radar is a follow-on to the EMA report: EMA Radar for CMDB/CMS Use Cases: Innovation Through Diversity, June 2011. The earlier radar featured eleven non-platform-centric vendors to show how CMDB/CMS technology is diversifying to address new requirements for dynamic currency and more advanced support for analytics and automation. This EMA Radar, with its nine participants, includes BMC, CA, HP and IBM and targets in particular the move towards a federated systems anchored more in a service model than in the physical CMDB, itself. Five of the vendors with broadly defined use cases and some platform-like capabilities have also been included in this EMA Radar. They are, in alphabetical order, ASG, Axios Systems, iET Solutions, LANDesk and ServiceNow. These companies can also provide continuity, and a point of comparison in positioning across both Radars.  

~Former EMA Analyst - Dennis Drogseth

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