Slides: Endpoint Management for Security - If You're Not Ready for Mobile, How Will You Handle BYOD... and Beyond?
Date: 02/17/2012 Length: 35 pages Cost: $0.00

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Recent EMA research demonstrates that:

>>Second only to email access, security capabilities are the most important aspects of mobile device management among organizations today.
>>57% of businesses prefer mobile device management that extends their enterprise IT management investments.
>>Of these, more than half expect to manage mobile devices with an enterprise management platform that includes mobile device management capabilities, rather than forcing their preferred management investments to integrate with MDM-specific third party tools.

These Webinar slides provide an overview of EMA Managing Research Director Scott Crawford's and IBM Product Marketer, Endpoint Manager, Kimber Spradlin's Webinar presenation where they discuss:

>>The new demands that mobile devices place on security-capable endpoint management systems
>>Questions to ask when evaluating whether your existing endpoint management platform will be up to the task
>>A look at key characteristics of management platforms that enable the adaptability demanded by mobile devices…or other endpoints new or unfamiliar to IT operations, today as well as tomorrow

Scott Crawford, Former EMA Analyst


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