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EMA Top 3: Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps in 2017 - Enterprise Decision Guide
Date: 06/29/2017 Length: 51 pages Cost: $795.00

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This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) decision guide focuses on how enterprises should manage hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps to provide their business with an optimal IT environment where innovation can be delivered in the most efficient and effective manner.

Why You Should Read this Research Report
IT and software development decision makers and influencers will learn the following:
  • Ten priorities for efficiently managing hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps
  • Concrete EMA recommendations for effectively implementing these priorities
  • EMA Top Three Products to optimally implement each recommendation

Research Methodology
All research results in this report are based on EMA's survey of 260 randomly-selected North American enterprises with 500 or more employees across all industries. Clustering these survey results by theme led to our ten priorities. EMA analysts examined each of these priorities within the context of today's key challenges of leveraging containers, hybrid cloud, and machine learning to reach the optimal compromise between rapid software releases and reliability of IT operations.

Report Metrics
260 Enterprises surveyed
87% Using private or public cloud
10 Key trends identified

  • Control your hybrid cloud cost.
  • Enforce security and compliance.
  • Private cloud is coming back.
  • Plan for container management.
  • Demand single pane of glass monitoring.
  • Evaluate hyperconverged systems for your scale-out cloud. 
  • Focus on integration between cloud and data centers.
  • Push your developers toward server-less functions.
  • Bring automation and full visibility to your DevOps process. 
  • Evaluate machine learning for operations management.

What Are the EMA Top Three?
EMA's Top Three products were selected because they enable customers to address the ten key IT operations priorities in 2017 in a convincing and often innovative manner. Please regard this report as a guide to help IT influencers and decision makers in their project planning and vendor selection processes. It is not a feature-by-feature comparison of all included vendors. In certain cases, EMA included products that are still in a late beta or preview stage simply to recognize a vendor's excellent alignment with research results. On the other hand, you may miss more traditional products that did not make it into the report, simply because newcomers took their spot.

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