EMA research findings on the roles automation and AI play in the reinvention of ITSM
Date: 06/03/2019 Length: 4 Cost: $25.00

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EMA recently investigated the inter-relationships between the global demands of digital transformation and advances in automation and AI as they converge on the widening discipline of ITSM. Although potentially game-changing, these advances are not free of challenge. Technological complexity, a functional grasp of capabilities, resource allocation, and simple resistance to change all exert drag on adoption. Yet, all of these factors act in combination to reshape ITSM in its role as a hub of digital transformation and its logical extension, Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Surveying 400 respondents globally (68% C-level, IT VP/Director/Manager), EMA set out to understand how AI/analytics and automation are understood and used in conjunction with ITSM. This report captures the highlights and was prepared for Ivanti.

Valerie O'Connell


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