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CMDB Deployments in 2008: The Search for Value (End-User Version)
Date: 08/31/2008 Length: 56 pages Cost: $795.00

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2008 is proving to be a pivotal year for CMDB deployments. With many CMDB initiatives being 12 to 18 months old, they are at fundamentally a different stage than they have been over the past four years. Whereas in the past most adopters were in planning stages, currently many are looking to show value in first phase or second phase deployments. This white paper is the sixth major CMDB study by EMA since its groundbreaking landscape research in December 2004. It takes a different approach than research done in 2006, which focused on awareness, and in 2007, which focused on initial plans for adoption. This white paper is more targeted at the search for value. Since the CMDB is an enabler – it then means planning and documenting what the CMDB is enabling. This study includes a 174-respondent survey, thirteen focal interviews and significant input from EMA consulting and analyst activities. The survey and focal interviews were conducted in June and July 2008.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
CMDB Phases – Where Are Deployments Now?
The CMDB Goes Mainstream
How Long to Complete Each Phase?
CMDB Budgets: Where Is the Money Going?
Budget Boundaries
CMDB Budgets: How Big?
Organizational and Executive Perspectives
Functional Priorities
Automated Discovery and Application Dependency Mapping
Integrated Core Enabling Capabilities
Which Metrics?
Metrics Broken Down By Domain
Factors for Success, Lessons Learned, Future Plans
CMDB Gating Factors
What Would You Do Differently?
Summary and Conclusion
Appendix A: Focal Interviews
Focal #1: A Grassroots CMDB Deployment Sparked by the Need for Lifecycle Asset Management of Desktops and Remote Devices
Focal #2: Making the CMDB a Condition for Employment!
Focal #3: A Focus on Application Dependency Mapping
Focal #4: Extending the CMDB to Enable Larger IT Service Management Success
Focal #5: A Top-Down Commitment to ITIL
Focal #6: A CMDB Initiative with Retroactive ROI
Focal #7: A CMDB deployment that began before ITIL “Got Famous!”


~Former EMA Analyst - Dennis Drogseth

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